Who we are

Buzzcut barbershop is an independent business established in 1998. The same premises has been operating as a barbershop since 1935.


At Buzzcut, we believe a barbershop should be a dependable, trusted institution. We strive to make a routine visit to the barbers a friendly, relaxed experience where people can "have a break from the norm", listen to our jukebox and check out our eclectic decor.


We are dedicated to quality haircuts and friendly service at an affordable price. Our goal is to build strong, long term relationships with each of our customers.

Jukebox plays itself at night

Strange goings-on as neighbours report psychedelic furs 'pretty in pink' after hours.

Tall hair is on the rise

According to Flat Top Weekly, hair cuts that reach for the stars are on the rise.

We are not able to add more than you already have, but we can make the most of it.